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ConCab kabel GmbH joins the Cable Connectivity Group

With full speed into the future! ConCab kabel GmbH as an established branded distribution company in Germany with customers across the globe is a perfect addition to the branded distribution business of the Cable Connectivity Group. ConCab kabel brings another [...]

02. May 2022|Categories: Press|

Metal quotation information from 15.02.2022

Dear business partners, due to the suspension of the DEL from 14.02.2022 by the protection association DEL-Notiz e.V., we will calculate the metal prices in the future as follows and continue to display them in our Copper price module. LME [...]

14. February 2022|Categories: News|

TKD | CCG is a member of the SPE network

SPE, as an innovative, lean, lightweight, yet resource-efficient, high-performance Ethernet infrastructure, has the potential, in conjunction with today's Ethernet-based fieldbus protocols (such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP), to become the physical platform for state-of-the-art installation concepts. Thinking in new, alternative approaches - [...]

01. February 2022|Categories: News, News|

New highly flexible tray control cables

New highly flexible tray control cables Whether flatbed or drag chain, our new Kaweflex® Tray 6110/6210 series is designed for both applications and makes it possible to create a continuous connection. This saves you components such as plugs or [...]

13. December 2021|Categories: News|

Cable Connectivity Group

Cable Connectivity Group Cable Connectivity Group was established in 2019 and since then has been a progressive and international player in the specialty cable and connectivity solutions market. CCG was formed by the merger of several successful companies in [...]

13. December 2021|Categories: News|

More commitment to a greener future

More commitment to a greener future We strive for sustainable growth to protect the environment and our planet. Since last year, we have been using certified green electricity at all TKD KABEL GmbH locations and our electricity consumption is [...]

13. December 2021|Categories: News, News|
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